Tackle Center-Online Fishing Tackle!! The History Of Tackle Center!

The CEO of Tackle Center, growing up in the fishing industry. When I was younger, around 13 I got my first job selling minnows to the bait shops in Brigantine. I worked everyday all summer in the back bays of Brigantine New Jersey. My job consisted of catching the high tide and getting on the boat and going over to the marina I worked out of to get all the bait out of the freezer. Then from there I would cruise through shallow water, narrow creeks in the back bay trapping minnows to sell after I picked up and re-baited all the traps. From this job I learned how to plan out the next day with my work schedule since the tide changes every day. Also learned to be on time and independent as I was getting up and taking my boat to the marina by myself. I did this for the next 3 years running under the name Minnow Supply. On the third summer when I was going to turn 16 I decided I wanted to work more. I started out in April passing out flyers to neighbors for lawn care. Later in May I picked up a job at the tackle shop in Brigantine called Riptide Bait and Tackle. I went after school everyday and weekends until summer when I began trapping minnows again. At this time (mid June) right after school let out for summer break I was juggling 3 jobs. After a while working at Riptide I cut my days back to only weekends because that's when the owner Andy Grossman needed me most. One day I got a call from a local charter captain running the boat “Treemendous” asking if I wanted to be a mate on his boat. So now I'm juggling 4 jobs at the start of July. I was known as a hard worker throughout the island of Brigantine by many business owners. I got recognized by a lot of the other charter boats.

Now with all the jobs I have piled up I continued to work all day and everyday. A typical charter day would be to get up around 7:00am to get to the boat at 7:30 go out for a 4 hr charter in the bay. Then come back to the dock for an hour and go right back out for a second one. Returning around 5:00 pm and most days when the tide is right I would be going out to get minnows for an hour and a half. And if I was backed up on lawns I would have to mow lawns until 7:30pm.

Throughout the summer I learned if you want something to work for it. I have many skills with showing up on time, working hard, and customer service since I worked on a charter boat. After the summer was over I had a decent amount of money saved up and the plan was to save it to buy a truck. But I came across the opportunity to buy out 3 local tackle shops and start an online tackle shop. I took the opportunity to take that risk. Now with accounting skills, business management skills, marketing skills, and website management skills. I have a fully functional online business as the name of “Tackle Center”.


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  • Hey Alan,
    I just placed my first order with you after seeing your ad on Instagram. It’s not huge, just some hooks that I’ve actually been looking for. I’m in North Carolina and fish both fresh and saltwater and I read your story and I wanted to give you some of my business. I’m retired now so I’m always looking for bargains and I’ll be shopping with you again soon.
    Your ad on Instagram worked fyi .
    I hope you grow.

    Will Perryman

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